Citroën Berlingo III: PES latest development of the new generation


This mule for the time being we are not taught by great thing.

The unit of images is a mule tests of the next generation of the light commercial vehicle of smaller size of the PSA Group, the Citroën Berlingo and Peugeot Partner. These will be revealed at the end of 2017 or at the very latest, at the beginning of the following year, 2018.

The current Berlingo II, and Partner II were revealed nearly a decade ago, in 2008, as a qualitative leap quite important with respect to the original models, in the market since 1996. It will be expected that this new generation grows both in size and in quality of materials and equipment, a section in which the Berlingo and Partner are already beginning to suffer the passage of time.

The details on this new generation are scarce, little or nothing is known of the range of engines that will have, although it will be assumed that count with the latest family of petrol engines supercharged and blocks turbo’s group galo, as well as the incorporation of new automatic transmissions.


The new generation will have more cargo space.

This new generation will take a leap in terms of size, which is essential in the commercial segment. Currently has a maximum payload length of 2,050 mm, with a cargo volume of 3.7 cubic metres, 4.1 in the case of the extended version. These figures should increase up to 2.2 meters, and at least 4.2 cubic meters in the new generation.

In the same way, it is expected that also re-tell the versions of leisure, as the Berlingo Multispace and Partner Teepee. These versions are geared to use more family labour. Feature glazing and a complete interior care.

Until now, the Berlingo II, and Partner II were manufactured in the plant of PSA in Vigo in Spain, in addition to other in Portugal and Argentina, so we hope that this new generation continue to be assembled in these locations.