Citroën C1 City Edition, reinforcing its style urbanite

Citroen C1 City Edition

This week has started marketing a new special edition for the range C1 of Citroën, its model is more urban. Under the name Citroen C1 City Edition, this new version is intended to give a touch more distinctive, eye-catching and customizable the urbanite French. For its part, the equipment this version City Edition is also superior, relying on major technological systems.

The Citroën C1 City Edition is offered with three colors for your body, as well as with two tones for the ceiling, which results in a exterior available with six combinations different. Ceilings can be of colors Black Boiler, or Pacific Green (premiere of this edition), while the main body of the body will be Red, Scarlet, White, Lipizan or Grey Gallium. But the most important differences of this edition are in its equipment inside…

Citroën C1 City Edition

series, the Citroën C1 City Edition brings touchscreen, and Mirror Screen, rear vision camera, steering wheel certain and upholstery Wave Grey in combination with the stitching on the striking color Jelly Berry, making it more personal and enhancing the urban style. This is in addition to everything that carries the finish Feel Edition, since it is derived, such as Bluetooth, USB jack, display infotainment, on-board computer, daytime running lights LED or electric windows to the seats front.

As expected, the range mechanics is quite contained and is only offered with two thrusters of gasoline; something quite logical since it is a urban vehicle that rarely will come out of the city. These two engines are the mechanical 1.0 VTi in version 68-CV associated to the automatic gearbox ETG 5-speed and 1.2 PureTech three-cylinder with 82 HP and change 5-speed manual.

Version Price
Version Price
VTi 68 ETG City Edition 11.950 €
PureTech 82 City Edition 11.400 €

Citroën C1
From 11.700 euros
Now from 10.900 euro