Citroën C3 2017: points in the calendar, we’ll know before July

Citroën warming up before the arrival of a new generation of the Citroën C3 and no, we do not refer to the Citroën C3 WRC, which, remember, we’ve already seen rolling in testing camouflage, but the model street, the alternative to the Volkswagen Polo, the SEAT Ibiza and company. We already know the date of your presentation, and there is nothing to learn all about the new generation of the utility French.

we have Already seen with war paint, in the form of WRC:

Citroën has published a first advance in the form of a video in which we can distinguish by now of the car, just a rear that appears timidly in one of the cuts of the video, but that serves to fix one already in our calendar launch, dated for the next 29 June.

it Seems that Citroën will focus on a design close to that of the Citroën Cactus for its utility, a utility that, beyond this presentation, will debut to the public in the next Paris.

we Can imagine because some of the mechanical 3-and 4-cylinder known in Peugeot and DS and an interior philosophy of strokes simple, practical, with that dedication to innovation by betting so simple that we have already known in the above-mentioned Citroen Cactus.

Video preview of the Citroën C3 2017: