Citroen C4 Sedan, just to China

citroen c4 sedan Citroën C4 Sedan, solo para China Citroën remains committed China and its particular market. While in Europe that succeed are the compact body, the Chinese market is typical for sedans dominate sales. It has therefore been submitted to the Citroën C4 Sedan , which will be at the Chengdu Motor Show and will be the substitute Citroen C-Quatre.

The C4 Sedan will be exclusive to China and will be very important for Dongfeng Citroen -joint venture for the Asian-market. His predecessor accounted for nearly 30% of sales brand during 2014, so will have to keep up. It will be produced in Wuhan and a length of 4.55 meters , will be located in the C segment between the Citroën C-Elysée and C4 Citroën L.

citroen c4 sedan2 Citroën C4 Sedan, solo para China The brand claims to have taken a big step forward in terms of quality and features the latest technologies. Among the equipment will not miss a Touchscreen , hands-free access and start or blind spot sensor. As for its range of engines the C4 Sedan will feature a turbocharged gasoline and three-cylinder 1.2 liters that develops an output of 130 horses.

Later the turbo 1.6 THP engine featuring 165 horses power will also come. It can choose between a manual gearbox or six-speed automatic with the same relations. The C4 Sedan will Citroë the Chengdu Motor Show between 4 and 13 September and aims to be a bestseller as the small SUV C3-XR, which has sold more than 30,000 units since its launch last December.

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