Citroën C5 Feel Edition: a saloon well-equipped with a diesel engine to put in a check to the Opel Insignia

looking for a saloon car and your budget is below € 25,000? Citroën the Citroën C5, you may have an interesting solution, by reminding us, under the name of Citroën C5 Feel Edition a full complement of equipment and a diesel engine 150 hp. Yes, it is just one of the latest innovations in the market, but you can still prove a tempting option.

In Opel, you have an Opel Badge also tempting if you’re looking for a saloon economical, well equipped, and with a diesel engine:

This Citroën C5 Feel Edition arrives reminding us a price 22.500 euros including, in addition to the promotional discount, the contribution of the Plan PIVE.

As equipment serial this edition boasts a full endowment which, in part, remedied a large part of their seniority by counting with automatic ignition of lights, power mirrors, climate control bizona, bluetooth, USB, browser, multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen, alloy wheels 17 inches, cruise control and parking sensor front and rear.

doAlternatives? The Opel Insignia can be a great option.

Currently, Opel offers us an Opel Insignia with a price 20.990 euros, equipped with a diesel engine of 136 horses and equipment next to the Citroën, which also lack the navigator, parking sensors, alloy wheels…