Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept: this is the Citroën C6 in the future according to the French brand

The Paris Salon starts up in a few weeks, in its traditional appointment twice a year. The French are playing at home, and Citroën will take the opportunity to surprise us with a new prototype. It’s called Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept, and is one of the most interesting have been presented in many years. For two reasons: because it breaks with the current design line of the brand gala, and because it is a flagship, a successor to the Citroën C6 that both miss. Do you have returned to the madness of the designers of French cars?

For the love of the design

The Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept debuts a new design language, which is applied to the Automobile of the future.

Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept you want to be a premium saloon, but this segment is the preserve of the German manufacturers. The gauls have always followed their own path, with a proposal of extreme design like the Citroën C6, and huge boats with body-hatchback years before. I’m thinking of the Citroën XM and Citroën CX, being this last the that pays homage to this prototype of a veiled form. There is more to see, the name Citroën has christened this prototype five-door and 4,85 meters long.


Design. Pure, design. Is what the Citroën Styling has been created in Paris. A tribute in a modern key, the luxurious Citroën CX. The front is perhaps the newest part of the prototype, with an aesthetic marked by the two “uves” in which flows the calender central chrome. With LED strips only 3 mm thick and a few clusters lower with directional lighting, the car was anticipating the design of future vehicles of the brand. It measures 2 meters wide and only to 1.37 metres in height, which integrates four doors and a tailgate type hatchback.

No, you do not have mirrors.

Your lagging behind, highlighted by a huge glass surface, which is curved towards the outside and with a set of louvers, and bumpers that I have been reminded a Lexus LFA in key French. We could not stop talking of its huge wheels of 22 inches, as well as their rear doors opening suicide, which allow a access to the cab with no B-pillar, in the style of the large coupes americans of the 60’s and 70’s. Aboard the prototype, the philosophy of welfare Citroën Advanced Comfort that promises to turn every trip into a relaxing experience.

citroen-cxperience-concept-2016-3Combining fabrics with natural wood and an instrumentation minimalist, the eyes focus on a huge screen central infotainment. It has 19-inch and a format superpanorámico. It is divided into three sections to show relevant information both to the driver and passengers. Like the new Citroën C3 can also have the system ConnectedCAM: a series of cameras to record what happens on the outside of the car, and let you share it on social networks. Ideal for roadtrips.

plug-in Hybrid and 60 km of electric range

Mechanically, the Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept employs a system plug-in hybrid. Thanks to a battery of 3 kWh of capacity, can travel up to 60 km in mode 100% electric. The petrol engine has a power of between 150 HP and 200 HP, and in combination with the electric motor of 109 HP, the prototype, develop a combined power of about 300 HP. The power passes to the ground through an automatic gearbox eight relations, and a system of all-wheel drive, being the rear axle powered by the electric motor.

citroen-cxperience-concept-2016-34This prototype will be along with the Citroën C3, the co-star of the stand of Citroën at the Paris Salon.