Citroën E-Mehari, the free spirit of the TWENTY-first century arrives next year

At the height of the hippie movement, Citroën introduced the world to the Méhari original. A car that conquered everyone who tried it or just saw it. It was basic, and it was that essence of freedom, which did succeed for 20 years. But as everything comes back, the next year the Méhari will re-emerge in the Citroën E-MEHARI. Different look, same philosophy.


a lot a Lot not like the Méhari original, but their philosophy is the same

to borrow part of the bodywork of a Citroen C4 Cactus, the E-MEHARI will adapt it for themselves. We find ourselves with a front very similar, with the same lights daytime running LED, but beyond that the design changes completely to become in a convertible four-seater with canvas roof, removable manually.

Citroën already gave signals that he wanted to recover the Méhari. It did in the past Hall of Frankfurt, where we forward the E-MEHARI in prototype form with the C4 Cactus M. That yes it was a Cactus, converted, but on this occasion we are faced with a model that has gone beyond and has modified almost all of the body.

Citroën has not given many data inside. For the moment we only know that the roof will be canvas, which you can remove by hand and leave it in the garage, and that there will be two trims to choose from: the red that we see in the images, and the other beige. The materials shall be resistant to water, what if they catch you in the rain.

As we have already said the And that he is ahead of the name of MEHARI, he wants to say electric. And is that this free spirit will have a autonomy short. 200 miles may be traveled with their small motor of 67 HP and its battery of 30 kWh. Your speed will not be terminal, since by now the maximum seems to be in 110 Km/h.

once we have exhausted the batteries the E-MEHARI will not have any help, there will be no engine heat. The only solution will be to return to connect to the electric grid where it will be between eight and 16 hours to recover the entire charge, depending on the plug you use, the 16A for the first case and 10A to the second.

and as Such deserves the model, will be released in the spring of next year. The Citroën E-MEHARI will be manufactured in France and for the moment we are unaware of the selling prices. A car of the last century adapted to the concepts and technical solutions of the XXI century. The essence of pure freedom in the format of a four-wheel re-sale.


Driven only by an electric motor of 67 HP with a range of 200 kilometres