Citroën has planned a new suspension is “revolutionary” for 2017

hydropneumatic suspension Citroën has always been a great hallmark in the French company, recently, we announced the end of this suspension in the article, “After 60 years of softness and comfort, the hydropneumatic suspension of the Citroën will die with the C5 but it seems that the French firm have prepared a suspension revolutionary willing to give it a good generational shift.

Of the 1.185.234 units that sold for Citroën in 2014, only 10,000 units were equipped suspensions hidroneumáticas. The Citroen C5 has been the latest model equipped with this suspension.

From Coach, Linda Jackson, CEO Citroën, has announced that the brand have worked in a new suspension able to recreate the benefits of the hydropneumatic suspension from a perspectica more modern, omitting for now, everything kind of details.

we do not Know if it will be some kind of pneumatic suspension of the new bill if it will be a suspension, adaptive as the many other brands used, whether it will be a most advanced system such as the Magic Body Control Mercedes or if it will be truly revolutionary and will give us a new perspective of the suspensions in the industry.

Remain pending, according to point from Coach this revolutionary system will come in 2017.