Citroën is committed to the WRC for the hand of Abu Dhabi


Everything has its time, and with the output as a team official of the fia WTCC, Citroën Racing can focus all of their efforts in the WRC, or better said, in a rally. And is that the one-year sabbatical that has taken the brand -at least in practical terms – is serving to consolidate the project around the World Rally. The development of the Citroën C3 WRC is moving forward as planned and on the table there are projects to develop in the future vehicles R3 and R5. In addition, Citroën Racing will be able to continue counting with your partner more strong.

While Citroën has ensured their stay in the WRC for at least five years, as explained by the half-German ‘Rallye-Magazin’, Khalid Al-Qassimi and Abu Dhabi, have reiterated their support of Citroën Racing ahead of next season, which means that the pilot Arabic will continue to be, to a certain extent the patron of the project of the French team. With this step, Al-Qassimi aims to ensure the option of competing in any trial at the controls of one of the new Citroën C3 WRC, the car that will be presented in the Lounge of the Car of Paris and approved in November.

Due to the new FIA regulations limiting the use of the new World Rally Car to the drivers registered by the manufacturers, the recording of Khalid Al-Qassimi should be done as a pilot officer. In this aspect there should not be a big issue since that Citroën can draw a second computer within its own structure, as does Hyundai or Volkswagen in the last few seasons. This fact would not alter the initial plan reported by Yves Matton, and that is in put the regular two Citroën C3 WRC on the track, in place of the three World Rally Car that will be used by other brands. to Have a third C3 in a timely manner is not a problem and less if it is for Al-Qassimi.