Citroën is considering a change in the names of their vehicles


Citroën might be considering change the nomenclature with which identifies their vehicles. Back would Letter C accompanied by a number , to accommodate a structure that gives him more each model hierarchy .


Citroen-Cactus-Video E oday nomenclature with which he identifies models Citroën is consists of a letter C , which is accompanied by a number and that in some specific cases may also attach a word, as in the case of the recently introduced C4 Cactus.

But in a recent interview before granted by Linda Jackson, CEO of the house of the two chevrons, said that they are working on a change to place the emphasis on models and not so much on the mark as at present.

The nomenclatures containing names by the time they were reserved for some special series as minivans called Picasso and crossovers which are accompanied by the name Aircross.

With the adoption of the new nomenclature was even more marked differences from DS which is now an independent brand that tries to positions at a higher step, as u na luxurious alternative to Citroën .





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