Citroën is increasingly close to the launch of the C3 VTS

things as they are, Citroën it was very complicated to give a generational worthy when C3. The previous model has remained virtually unchanged exterior design for 15 years, so any change could cause clients to lose interest in him. However, after the radical change that you have given to your picture, the numbers you are accompanying, so in a matter of a year has already been achieved market 200 thousand units.

Thanks to this sales success and the hot streak that has Citroën in the WRC we could see the rebirth of the mythical acronym VTS. A time for this part is concocting lies that the signature gala could redeem them for can be docked to the gate of the new C3. Logically these acronyms would have contributed to a improved mechanics and behavior, well, if you are staying in a simple image strategy the sales of the model could be affected.

the official confirmation of The arrival on the market of the Citroën C3 VTS has not been made, but Linda Jackson, maximum responsible of the signature gala, has said that the arrival of this model would be more than good for the brand, the model and its program in the WRC. In addition, has confirmed he would like to have a model that will serve as a nexus of union between Citroën Racing and the Championship World Rally championship.

This idea is more than logical since the investment that has made Citroën in this program has been very high and have to make it profitable. to the maximum. Now it is Xavier Peugeot, Product Manager at Citroën, who should know conjugate rightly power required you should have this C3 VTS to the comfort and idiosyncrasies typical that tend to have the models of the brand.

The models that will match this Citroën C3 VTS are not any in the segment, as the Ford Fiesta ST and Volkswagen Polo GTI have their backs to an image and famas are almost indestructible. Finally get to do a reflection: if it finally came to the market the C3 VTS what would happen with the versions radical of his brother DS3? how will power and radicality, or will focus on other market niches? These and other issues will be settled at the headquarters of the brand before giving the green light to the project.

Source – Citroën

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