Citroën presented in Frankfurt a prototype of C4 Cactus inspired Mehari



Citroen has announced plans to demonstrate a prototype of C4 Cactus inspired Méhari under the Frankfurt Motor Show


C4-Cactus H ace some were surprised to hear the testimony of Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën, who said that the French brand a future poses with models design more simple and fun .

Jackson said that among these models, the brand is considering returning to life the Méhari to start to point in that direction. Apparently the idea is serious, because in the forthcoming Motor Show in Frankfurt will be showing a prototype based on the C4 Cactus, it is inspired by the aesthetics of the remembered Mehari, a product which in turn was based on the 2CV.

But also in the German hall they will be presenting a second prototype , the Citroën Aircross and Concept that debuted at last Auto Shanghai. This is an SUV that could become the basis for a new crossover double chevron.

Another new Citroen Frankfurt will be taking the mid-life upgrade of the C4 , a model that already has nearly five years on the market.



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