Citroën promises a suspension for revolutionary 2017

Supensión revolucionaria Citroënit Seemed that with the C5, would die one of the seals Citroën, one of its main features and one of their biggest complaints, the hydropneumatic suspension. In fact, he has died, but now Citroën promises a new suspension is revolutionary for 2017. Lack of knowing of what it is and if it would arrive at Citroën or DS as a premium brand.

The C5 today is the last model to carry the known as HN3+, and not mounted all the versions. For Citroën is expensive to produce to just mount it on a car, you don’t get performance. But this has not meant the end of revolutionary ideas in the French brand. A new suspension waiting for us in a couple of years.

Supensión revolucionaria CitroënThe brand has not given details, but in an interview with Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën, Coach published that they are working on a new suspension that works in a more modern way that the hydro-pneumatic that we know until now. But get the same effects.

we don’t know if this means that you are evolving the current suspension, something that in theory was ruled out months ago. On the other hand, means that will continue trusting in the comfort, but now you can also be able to be regulated with different driving modes that also take into account a greater dynamism. This mode would be close to the current suspensions adaptive.

will Not be until 2017 when it is present, and we hope it is not a simple idea and stay in water of borage as has occurred with the hybrid technology HybridAir of PSA. The most interesting thing will be to know how much it costs to produce it, and if you can mount it cars of small size. On the other hand, there remains the doubt that before posed, what will be exclusive DS or the we can also see in Citroën?

Source – Coach

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