Citroën Racing takes out her breast with the first win of the C3 WRC


Citroën Racing had a disappointing return to the WRC. The
Citroen C3 WRC was not competitive or in Monte carlo or Sweden, so that the
Rally of Mexico almost became a sort of all or nothing for the team
directed by Yves Matton. Luckily for the French brand, Kris Meeke
got the first victory of the Citroën C3 WRC
after taking advantage of its favourable
because of output. With some intrigue after an exit in the last section, the
ireland won the first event on gravel in the season, without a doubt
breathes in a high dose of confidence to the team galo.

In this aspect, Yves Matton has recognized the importance of
this triumph on earth in the official website of the WRC: “This first
victory on the ground show that the Citroën C3 WRC has a very strong base and
the team has done a good job. Now we can continue with our
work and develop the car in a way a bit more relaxed. It is
true that if we had to choose, we would have liked to win in the
Monte carlo Rally
, because it is a rally that has a special meaning for
Citroen. All in all, we have to keep our feelings away from that and
see things in the most pragmatic way“.

“In terms of the World, this result on the ground,
surface on which to play two-thirds of the season, it’s great. The conditions
particularly demanding are to be found in the Rally of Mexico make this
triumph very encouraging for the future
explained Yves Matton, who is
showed welcomed as Laurent Fregosi, Technical Director of Citroën,
the reliability of the C3:we Work a lot in the system
cooling at the time of development of the car
. The fact of not having problems
mechanical means that we can focus almost exclusively in the search
from a performance point extra