Citroën seeks to frighten off their problems in the Rally of Mexico


Citroën Racing has had a home complicated of the year.
The snow is the star of the Rally Monte carlo and Rally Sweden will not
sat particularly well to the Citroen C3 WRC, which offered a behavior
to the three official riders of the French brand. Therefore, the
structure directed by Yves Matton has great hopes placed in the
Rally Mexico
, every time the test is disputed in Guanajuato offers a
very different picture emerges with the arrival of the gravel and the heat to the WRC. In this
occasion Kris Meeke and Stéphane Lefebvre will be in charge of piloting the two
Citroen C3 WRC

Kris Meeke has only played the Rally of Mexico in two
and what is certain is that none of the two times it has gone well. In fact,
in his debut he had to leave, and in 2015 could not pass of the sixteenth plaza
after suffering a variety of problems. In this aspect, Meeke believes that it is a good
time to turn the page: “The Rally Mexico is one of the tests
less know, but I like it. I Think that we are headed in the right direction
after the test
and I’m eager to check if it is in terms of

“despite the loss of power, this year, we will be
levels of the WRC last year in any other test
, so that there will be
to avoid being too aggressive behind the wheel in order to avoid losing
discusses Kris Meeke, to refer to the decision of
bring the rally to the mexican capital: it Will be a pleasure to compete in
Mexico city during the super special
. If the atmosphere is as good as the
that has been seen in the Grand Prix of Formula 1, then we will live a moment
only in an environment icónico”.


Stéphane Lefebvre only has come to the Rally Mexico in a
. It was in 2015 with a Citroën DS3 R5 of PH Sport and their participation
it ended in abandonment. Despite this, the frenchman appeals to their good work in
gravel, despite months of not playing on this surface: “Apart
the mud of the Rally of Wales GB, I have not competed on gravel since Rally
Poland of the past month of July
. The test in Spain helped me to get into a rhythm.
As we move forward, I was able to to define a set point that gave me
confidence with the car

In this line, Stéphane Lefebvre remarked: I Think that
the test has helped us to learn and improve in a state of mind
I Am happy to be back in Mexico again. I liked it a lot
come to this country and my only participation in this rally in 2015. At the end,
there are many topics, but beyond the hats, and cactus, we found
a great warmth and friendliness of the people. The atmosphere in the streets of
Guanajuato is gorgeous
and the landscape that follows the rally makes
worth the trip”.