Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept, the van adventurous that we will see in Geneva

Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept

The manufacturers have gone crazy with the “boom” of the SUV. About a decade ago this kind of cars arrived at the market. To one brand (Nissan) will work, and if it worked. Logically, the rest also wanted to exploit the same concept. Not happy with this, as we see not only the typical SUV through, but that we find SUVS of all sizes, and even sports. Within a few days, in the Geneva, we will see the new Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept.

Is a prototype that takes as a basis the model SpaceTourer but look for a differentiation with a bet more adventurous and a supposed capacity to leave the asphalt, with four wheel drive developed by Dangel. The point of adventure, in addition to the traction, put the body-on-high in 6 cm, the protections on the low, some roof bars and a body-painting-style military camouflage, which also includes a few details in red. Its mechanics will be the diesel engine BlueHDi 150 CV.

Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept

The Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept uses the body of the version XS with 4.6 meters length of the Citroën SpaceTourer. In the interior will call attention to its personality, with a broad, panoramic roof, multiple shades, and (up to) nine white leather seats. But as you should also be a handy car, they don’t forget about the hollow slide, with 74 litre capacity, and a load volume of up to 2 cubic metres with the configuration of four squares.

finally There were the driving aids or connectivity and entertainment. In this way, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept brings Head-up display, rear camera of 180 degrees, angle sensor died, recognition of speed signs, lights, long, automatic, notice of involuntary change lanes, Active Safety Break, collision warning or adaptive cruise control. For its part, will also have browser projected on the touch screen of the dashboard in 7-inch or the connectivity system, Mirror Screen.

Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept

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