Cizeta-Moroder V 16 T , open bar cylinders


The thing that saves it with the Lamborghini of its time is very large

The influence Lamborghini in the Cizeta can be seen on all four sides. And it is not by chance, because when Chrysler did with Lamborghini in the 80’s ruled out this design for the new Devil by radical. The car that occupies us was conceived by two italians, Giorgio Moroder, music producer of the 80s and Claudio Zampolli. The latter began to work in Lamborghini 25 years as an engineer and tester, and in 1974 he was sent to EE.U.S. to the importer.

An engine with 16 cylinders in V, eight camshafts, 64 valves and placed in a transverse position, paid 540CV to 8,000 rpm

in the early eighties and with the idea of manufacturing his own sports known to Moroder, who offers her financial support for the project. Zampolli he wanted his car to be different to everything that I had, that gave life to this car with a engine V16 ideal for the times in which we live dowsizing, three-cylinder engines etc

The two-seater had a structure like the great sports of the time, tubular chassis made of steel and aluminum body. On the engine V16 are many legends, it is said that they were two V8 engines source Ferrari, but the reality fits more with the two V8’s Lamborghini Urraco (the stroke and the diameter of the cylinder match perfectly). Zampolli has always defended the design of their engine was totally original. In fact, some fans consider this Cizeta as a child “bastard” of Lamborghini, created by former workers of the brand and components using the same.


The rear of the Cizeta is simply awesome

With eight camshafts, 64 valves and placed in a transverse position, as in the Miura, this engine made 540 HP at 8,000 rpm. Catapultaba the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of 320 km/h. The suspension used was like a Group C racing, double wishbones at all four wheels. Of course the electronic controls were shining by their absence, or ABS, or traction control….. here is that drive!!! Was presented in Los Angeles in 1988 and received 14 orders.

Designed by Gandini (author of the Miura, Countach or Diablo). The idea was to manufacture a supercar but simple, nothing to do at a technological level with cars of the era as a Bugatti EB 110 with four turbos and all-wheel drive or a Porsche 959. Then they had the capacity to produce about twelve cars a year to about $ 600,000 each unit, but the recession gave them over, and after selling nine units (subsequently concocted a convertible) and lose the support of the bank, in 1994 they had to take the closure.

there Was some attempt to save the brand. With the idea of lower costs, it was thought to incorporate motors BMW and bodies of fiber, but the tension between the partners ended up with the project. There were two cars that were left half-built and shipped to the U.S. There Zampolli was established in a small workshop and their 76-year-old it seems that is still working on the project, even you can order one for $ 800,000 on its website .Gorgio Moroder was one of the pioneers of electronic music, and it was very good. But the dream of being a builder of supercars was a failure, you can not have everything in this life.