Claire Williams: “Massa has been a huge part of our successes”


Accompanied by his wife and by his son, Felipe Massa has announced in Monza withdrawal of the Formula 1 at the end of this season. However, the brazilian has also counted with the estimable support of Claire Williams, Team Principal of team Williams. A sample of affection of the leader of the british team he has played the brazilian in the last three years and has culminated with the beautiful words of the daughter of Sir Frank Williams towards the that it is still your pilot.

Claire Williams has made clear that: Has been a lucky and an honor that Massa joined our team in 2013. I still remember the day that I sent him an SMS. I knew that I would get a reply because it’s polite, but did not expect to grant me a meeting based on our performance in recent years”. In line with this, Claire said: “we Had a lot of luck and Philip agreed to join us. We were at that time in a desperate situation, the team needed someone like Felipe to be part of our“.

To conclude his intervention, Claire Williams showed all his cariĆ³ to Massa: He has been very important in our journey in the last three years. Philip has been a necessary part of the progress of the team towards the front. We ended up in third place of the standings in the last two years and Massa has been a big part of our success. Not only for the talent that he has, something that is aware around the world, but also by the personality that has contributed to Williams”.