Claire Williams: “The title, Rosberg is very well deserved”


Much has happened since Nico Rosberg made his debut at the wheel of a Formula 1. The year was 2006 and after proclaiming himself champion of the GP2, the German made his debut as a pilot officer in Bahrain at the wheel of the Williams FW28. Prior to that time, Rosberg had already gone up to the car of the british team in a series of tests in which coincided repeatedly with Claire Williams, now Team Principal of the team. A test in which Claire could already see that Nico Rosberg would be Champion of the World, as recognized in ‘ESPN’.

Although the success of Nico Rosberg in Williams was limited to little more than a quick lap and two podium finishes, Claire Williams has stated that has always seen wood champion in the son of Keke Rosberg, pilot who won the World Championship in 1982 with Williams: I Think that you can feel when you see certain guys that are made of other material. You can hear that Rosberg has won 23 races, the greater number of victories before leaving champion, but you have other riders who win world championships with less victories than you can imagine”.


In this line, Claire Wililams said: Has done a great job. I think that it has done everything I needed to do, and for him, this probably repeats from a long time ago. The title Rosberg is very well-deserved and I am very happy for him,”. By memory, the responsible of Williams recalls that: “When he started with Williams, we were doing a ‘shoot-out’ with Nico and Nelson Piquet, and I was there taking care of them. Since that time it has been a great ambassador of the Formula 1 and I think he has earned this title of World Champion“.

All in all, the head of the team Williams sees the title of
Rosberg as a release for the pilot: “He is the son of a former
champion of the World. Keke was our champion in 1982 and I think that to achieve this
title has allowed Nico get out of his shadow
, something that is not easy. All
children of a pilot famous that has achieved these accomplishments in your life do not have
easy to be able to get out of their influence and croe that Nico has done all that he had to
do to prove that he is a great pilot himself. I Think that this is so
important to him as winning the own Championship of the Mundo