Classic: Ford Model T Roadster, that was a convertible 95 years ago


Ford-Model-T-Roadster-3 H enry Ford proclaimed in 1906 that it would build car for the people and a universal product . Ford wanted to maximize their sales and how they work, sat what later would be the basis of industry, integrating into their assembly plants a balanced combination of operators and machinery.

Ford used as the basis for the production of its vehicles to the assembly, an idea which in 1901 had his compatriot Ransom Eli Olds although tailored to their own needs and improved based to what was observed in a weapons factory.

Henry Ford had the idea of ​​making a universal product and achieved with the Model T.

They say Henry Ford used much improvisation to try to improve the assembly, pursuant to maximize their productive capacity. Ford’s ideas were embodied in the first of their products which he called Model T .

The Ford T was designed by Ford himself and built using these principles in bulk. Began production by 12 August 1908 and the first unit managed to cross the gates of the factory on September 27 of that year.

The Model T weighed 540 kilograms and was driven with 4-cylinder engine producing 20 horsepower and was associated with a gearbox Two speed, which was operated with the foot through the clutch pedal. With the clutch pedal pressed to the bottom first gear is meshed, was halfway to neutral and releasing the pedal was placed second gear.

The propellant enough for her to achieve maximum speed of 70 km / h , with fuel consumption stood at around 5 kilometers per liter.

Ford-Model-T-Roadster-1 Upon its release were provided various body configurations, including variants were from two to seven seats even in convertible versions. At the time of its release was priced at $ 850 , equivalent to about 20 thousand dollars today . But the improvements made to the system of production based on the assembly line, allowed Ford to lower its price to reach $ 360.

The Ford T became the first global car because no one was in the United States, but simultaneously also joining in Canada, Argentina, France, England, Germany, Denmark and even Australia and South Africa .

featured a 4-cylinder engine of 2.9 liters and 20 hp.

subsidiary Argentina was the first in Latin America and was established in 1913, although it was not until 1917 that began assembling the Model T in the format now known as CKD (completely knocked down) , ie was imported completely disarmed and riding locally. Already in 1922 the plant Ford Argentina , which was located in the neighborhood of La Boca City of Buenos Aires was established.

One variant of the first model of Ford was a roadster with a look that even today 95 years after its creation looks fantastic. The Ford Model T Roadster used the same engine from the rest of the range, for 4-cylinder 2.9-liter, 20 horsepower .

In the cabin was located just just enough , with an instrument panel that had one relo switch and a seat in one piece with capacity for the driver and a passenger. Between 1912 and 1925 roadster had only one door, located on the passenger side. Later the model evolved and offered with two doors both its roadster and roadster pickup format.



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