ClassicAuto 2017: the best pieces that you can find in the event in madrid

One of the most spectacular of the event, the Dino 196 S.

As every year, are gathered in the glass pavilion of the Casa de Campo in Madrid dozens of jewels on wheels. ClassicAuto is one of those weekend events, designed not only for the die-hard fan of the irons of old, but for anyone wishing to approach the world of classic or simply live in a late different.

In this edition 2017, which will take place from 24 to 26 February, the script will be similar to that of past editions. Many square feet dedicated to areas of display, where you can find many classic and sports of very different eras and types, but share a common characteristic, all of them are in a state of conservation magnificent. Regardless of your age.

But after our passage through the facilities of the House of Field of madrid we’d love to talk about the dozens of wonders and exclusive models that you can find in ClassicAuto, I point out only those who deserve a special attention, especially because of its rarity, although a priori could pass more unnoticed between both sports exclusive.

Ferrari Dino 196 S

Spectacular Dino 196 S.

This exemplary is an old acquaintance of this writing, because recently we were in the Autobello 2016. Their spectacular figure, similar to the 250 TR, included the first V6 of the brand and therefore was the first step of a victorious series of models, and the germ of families of models, V6 and V8 from Maranello.

Of the Dino 196 S were fabricated, in principle, only two specimens of the competition, who were born with an engine of 1.5 litres. The following year, Pininfarina modified slightly the design of these two copies, the style of your contemporary 250 TR. These specimens ran under the colors official Scuderia and obtained numerous victories in Class.

Shortly after, Ferrari made 3 other copies of production, identical to the latest specifications of the models of competition. These 3 copies are known as the production versions, sash, #0776, #0778 and #0784 and, in principle, were all with the 2.0-liter engine and the steering wheel to the right, to the contrary, that the copies of the competition. We look forward to receiving more details of the unit exposed to ampliaros the information.

Mercedes 600 Pullman

it was Only manufactured less than 500 Pullman, and only 124 of the six doors like this.

One of the first that we can find ourselves in the upper floor, which is where the vast majority of classics, is the immense Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman. Called by many as the vehicle of choice for dictators, what is certain is that the vast majority of its owners were of the royalty and music stars.

Several members of The Beatles had one, and Jay Kay, music producer and british soloist Jamiroquai has one in his extensive collection. Were manufactured between 1963 and 1981, and posed the compendium of all the technology that was able to print Daimler model, which was not little, even the rear seats were reclining thanks to a hydraulic circuit.

The exemplary that we find ourselves in ClassicAuto has the peculiarity of being clear in color, not the usual black color in which it was assembled this model. And is one of the few copies, 124, which has the configuration of six doors. In sum, its more than 6 metres in length, are all a visual show and has much more historical value than any limo to use.

Citroën SM Espace

it is Not usual to encounter an SM-type targa.

The Citroën SM is universally admired. Even in those markets in which the French brand has not had a relevant presence, as the united States, the SM has always enjoyed an elevated status as a vehicle of collection.

Of the innovative technical solutions and the spectacular V6 engine source Maserati that hides under the hood we could talk about at length, however, the copy that we found in ClassicAuto was not a SM conventional, but seems to be one of the few SM Espace specially manufactured by the bodybuilders ‘ French Heuliez with removable roof-type T-Top.

These received the name of SM Espace, and it is believed that they are the only existing ones of this type. Numerous versions cabriolet aftermarket appeared during the life of the model, including a 4-door version, but with this type of item detachable are only known 2 copies official, although in the internet you can find images of several different configurations. We do not know what could be the exact number of units transformed really, but one of them you can find in the plant high ClassicAuto this weekend, in Madrid.

Ferrari 308 GTB vetroresina


Ferrari 308 GTB vetroresina 1976, so it would seem but it is not a 308 more.

The Italian brand had a representation quite large. You can enjoy from most existing models, such as the 456 GT, 550 Maranello or 575M, some pieces with more years, as was the case with the Testarossa monospechio, a copy of the first series of the model so named for having a single outside rearview mirror, installed at the mid-height of the pillar A. The complaints of the customers brought to the factory to modify this feature, passing to the dual mirror mounted in the base of the pillar.

however, this was not the Ferrari that most attracted our attention. In addition to the spectacular Dino 196 S, in one end of the upper floor went unnoticed along with various other supercars a Ferrari 308 GTB, 1976, one of the first made and who received the nickname vetroresina, by to dispose of a body made of glass fiber. Again, were the complaints of the customers which resulted in Ferrari the replaced by steel, getting, in addition, that the model appears to weigh more.

These units are additionally equipped with the mechanical version, most desirable, the V8 of 3.0 liters fed by Weber carburetors. These were the most powerful of the series, because with the arrival of the mandatory injection the power went down from 255 BHP original only 214 HP of the versions GTBi. These copies early, only on body-coupe, are the most sought after by collectors and his quote is much higher than that of the steel versions.

Isotta Fraschini Type 8A


Engine 8-cylinder in-line, and 7.3 liters.

Of the multiple models of the first half of the TWENTIETH century present, Isotta Fraschini built by Castagna was without any doubt the most eye-catching. Despite the fact that the proportions of vehicles of this era tend to be strange on the fan today, what is certain is that the Type 8A Torpedo that can be found in this edition of ClassicAuto is very attractive and elegant.

The huge, sculpted body by Castagna contrasts tremendously with the low height of the windows and the roof, softening and stylizing your solid figure.

The model Type 8A Torpedo had a , 8-cylinder in-line 7.3 liters that was going to be the engine of its class most powerful available in a production vehicle. The model of the image corresponds to a copy built by Castagna.

Seat Savio

it is a unique Specimen, preserved by Seat.

finally, one of the parts that are likely to be able to spend more unnoticed. Besides, this is a unique specimen, the Seat Savio or the Spanish version of the Fiat Multipla original.

This is a version of minivan, the Seat 600, which this year celebrates its sixtieth anniversary in the appointment from madrid. Its real origin is Italian, as was a copy of the Multipla which was applied to Fiat expressly to receive to Francisco Franco on a visit to the factory. After this, the vehicle was employed exclusively to cater to personalities in the factory of spain.

This is a unique specimen is still being kept by Seat and is on view all this weekend, in ClassicAuto.