CMA: this is the platform that you will use the successor of the Volvo V40

Volvo launches a new platform for the compact models. A platform that has already date of arrival, 2017, and that other models will give life to the successor of the Volvo V40 and Volvo XC40 of which you already talked about recently. Now is the time to see how it will look new platform, the platform CMA.

The revolution initiated by the new Volvo XC90 will have continuity in the platform CMA:

This new platform for the compact models receive the name of Compact Modular Architecture, or what is the same, CMA.

key Piece in the development of the current automobile industry, the modular platforms continue to spread throughout all brands. Volvo premiered recently platform SPA, a platform which has developed the Volvo XC90 and on which it will develop future alternatives on a large scale. To cover the rest of the range, to give shape to the alternatives of medium size, it is born the platform CMA.

This platform will share many components with the structure SPA, components such as some of the mechanical, peripherals and various components and further away from the (mechanical as everything related to the infotainment system.

Her debut is scheduled for 2017 and beyond to give way to a new compact model of the brand, the successor of the Volvo V40, we will also look to these platform giving rise to a Volvo XC40, a SUV premium compact in size that face-to-alternatives such as the Mercedes GLA, the Audi Q3 or the BMW X1. This alternative will allegedly in 2018.

in Addition to nor can we lose sight of the rumors of a Volvo C40, the spiritual successor to the Volvo C30.

In video, a look at the new platform CMA:

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