Collection Hackenberger: the sale of more than 700 classic no reserve price


Dozens of small roadsters are crowded together in the property Hackenberger.

The family Hackenberger has spent a lifetime accumulating vehicles, to the point that they have come to stack either more than 700 in their property over the past 50 years. The exact number has not been revealed, but exceeded 700 copies.

This strange collection is comprised of cars of very different brands and eras, as well as some motorcycles, a large number of vans classics, and even a large collection of car shock vintage look. By the little information that has been provided to the family, the sale will be conducted in July, by the company of Minnesota VanDerBrink Auctions LLC and all the lots go on sale without reservation, that is to say, you bid what you bid will be sold.

Analysis of this collection as a whole is very complicated because everything points to has been formed in a jerky manner, that is to say, in the last 50 years this couple has decided to buy everything that seems that interested them or caught the attention.


Amphicar, amphibious vehicle.

so we find ourselves with a huge number of units that are crowded together, without order or concert, in the property of this marriage. The state of the majority of specimens it is unfortunate, so that you can appreciate, I have been buying and storing, and no more. Only the latest vehicles appear in a better state but covered by a more evident layer of dust, that have not bothered to disguise it at the time of taking the photographs of the collection.

we don’t know if at some point arrived to restore some of the models, but almost certainly yes, since some appear in different state of restoration, although this does not seem to be the general tone of the collection, that simply languishes there stored, in some cases, weather.

The full list has not been revealed, so we have some of the photos published, that we may do the idea that is hidden in this large number of copies.


Studebaker Avanti.

Hackenberger was a great lover of Studebaker.

The vast majority of the models correspond with the defunct us firm Studebaker, about 250 copies, so we can say that the true significance of this collection lies in a great part of these models. The love of Hackenberger this brand dates back to their first vehicle, a Studebaker 1948, which we do not know if it goes in your collection. The exemplary present today is precisely one of the best pieces found in the collection, a Avanti that seems to be golden in color – the images are of very poor quality and might even be of silver color – located in a superb external condition.

Saving models of this brand, the rest of the collection is very anarchic, as we found, among the numerous and enormous sedans american usual, since the microcar as the Goggomobil or Isetta to many French classics, such as the Citroën DS or 2CV, in addition to multiple vans French of the first half of the TWENTIETH century.

Among the many images we find models very rare. From versions long vehicle family variants customized commercial with rear box closed, and even a rare Press CGRV, a small vehicle built with mechanical elements of the motorcycle but that on the outside resembles a small aircraft.


One of the 347 Press CGRV manufactured in Michigan between 1985 and 1990.

Of these there is very little information in the network, because it was such a strange project of the mid-eighties. Their acronyms mean Ground Cruising Recreational Vehicle and in total it was only manufactured a few 347 copies between 1985 and 1990. Initially marketed under the brand Litestars although shortly after starting the production they changed the name to Owosso Motor Car Company, in honor of the locality where the factory, Owosso, Michigan.

Had an engine of 1.1 or 1.2-liter capable of delivering a 86 CV, but with a weight of around 450 kilos did not need too much power.

This vehicle is the perfect example of how Hackenberger have formed such a strong collection, buying everything that drew his attention to, without adhering to any particular pattern.


Bricklin SV-1 sports canadian doors type gullwing.

Also noteworthy is the presence of mark Hudson, also disappeared, and also many roadsters classic european, Triumph and Austin Healy on all, but also found a small coupe, as the Fiat X1/9, a model that was also sold in the united States.

Among the most current we can highlight a Bricklin SV-1 and DeLorean, both in good condition, plus a number of Cadillac in perfect condition, like a Fleetwood or an Allanté, and it even appears in the background of any image in a Volkswagen Golf cabrio mkI.

Brands of sport and exotic we do not find any, as are the variants sports usual with a base Camaro or Mustang, which seems to endorse the theory that the Hackenbenger have formed his collection to base of small auctions or buy locally. Taking spontaneously all that managed to find at a good price, without planning the collection in no time.


The DeLorean DMC12 from the collection.

The auction will take place in July 2017, so that due to the high
number of models on display is likely to attract a lot of attention and is
the focus of attention of many collectors and restorers,
they have a great opportunity to be with parts or copies
complete you can restore.