Colombia reaches the new Renault Logan

The second generation of the Renault Logan is already in Colombia, now in pre mode. Thousand units are offered with an extended warranty of five years.


Renault-Logan E he new Renault Logan already reached Colombian market . This is the second generation of the sedan, which up to the local market after its debut occurred in South America. Logan has been a very successful product in Colombia, where they have already sold more than 100 000 units , a product with which Renault competes directly against the Chevrolet Sail.

The second generation of Logan makes a big evolution, not only aesthetically, but also on the equipment available. Besides the sedan it remained the virtues that characterize it, such as their great habitability and cargo space with capacity of 510 liters .

The new Logan is joined by Sofasa locally under the CKD format, with parts coming from Romania and Brazil. This follows an investment which reached 42 million Euros for its plant in Envigado. There items such as equipment used for robotic welding, painting booths and equipment for mounting the front end were updated.


The second generation of Logan landed in the Colombian market.

Thus Sofasa achieved an integration of local parts reaching 36% , as many elements of the interior and elements of the body are manufactured locally. On the other hand, some mechanical elements have been adapted to the local market, as both the engines and transmission and suspension were modified to meet the demands pinch of Colombian roads.

Aesthetically Renault opted Colombia by Logan marketed in Turkey and not by the Russian model is produced in South America. Both models differ in some details on the bumpers, headlights and air intakes. However the decision has to do parts arrive just Yea from Romania do a lower cost than those from Brazil, which led to the adoption of European visual, which it is sold in some markets under the name Symbol.

The range of Renault Logan Colombia is articulated on four levels referred to finish Authentique, Expression, Dynamique and Privilege . Among its options are standard equipment on dual airbags, ISOFIX and four headrests. The sum of the above Expression central locking, while from the Dynamique ABS brakes , front stabilizer bar and fog lamps are added.

also offer items such as lifts electric windows, electric mirrors, infotainment system with Average NAV 2.0 equipped with seven-inch touch screen, air conditioning and automatic climate control in the most equipped versions.

Under the hood all the known versions mounted 1.6-liter 8v engine with 85 horsepower, while the more equipped using the 1.6 liter 16v 105 hp . The thrusters are associated both to a five-speed manual transmission as an automatic four relationships.

Nothing thousand units are offered in a presale phase , with a starting price of 28.4 million , to 37.9 million pesos in the case of the most equipped and an extended five-year warranty.

Price range (pre)

Renault Logan Authentique 1.6 8v COP $ 28,490,000 ($ 9,100)
Renault Logan Authentique 1.6 8v + AA COP $ 30,490,000 ($ 9,800)
Renault Logan Expression 1.6 8v COP $ 32,990,000 ($ 10,400)
Renault Logan Dynamique 1.6 8v COP $ 36,490,000 ($ 11,700)
Renault Logan 1.6 16V Privilege COP $ 37,990,000 ($ 12,200)
Renault Logan Privilège 1.6 16v Automatic COP $ 41,790,000 ($ 13,400)


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