Colombia: The Express Taxi Renault renews its aesthetics


Renault-Express-Taxi-2015 H ace few days older generation Clio , which in some Latin American markets is called Mine and International Style, made headlines because Latin NCAP decided to lower the rating to zero stars after verifying that Colombia continues production without front airbags and antilock brakes.

And it was precisely in that market where the model is called Clio Style these days started marketing his cab version, called Renault Express.

Renault renewed the Taxi Express in Colombia with a new front.

This working version, assembled in the Colombian plant in Evingado Sofasa, does nothing but take the front present in the Clio Style, with the emblem of the large diamond in the center of the grill, plus about new headlights and bumpers .

The changes also affected the rear lights and rear bumpers, as well as the door and the rear window. In the cockpit, the renewed Clio cab no big surprises.

Renault said the equipment of the new Renault Express will be based on two versions of finish called basic and full. Among its optional features include air conditioning and power steering, although more equipped version has electrical package including central locking, front raises crystals and burglar alarm.

also offer some elements optional as a rear spoiler, backup camera and an audio system signed by Alpine. As for his security elements , both driver and passenger must comply with the front and rear three-point seatbelts and rear center colon.

Mechanically no modifications to the model it replaces, as it retains the same engine-block 1.2 liters engine, 16-valve 75 horsepower to 5,500 rpm, which is associated with a five-speed manual transmission.

Its price starts at around COP $ 27.3 million, equivalent to about € 9,400 at current rates.


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