“Colour Days”: discounts on Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep to finish the 2015


Towards the end of the year tends to be one of the best times to buy new car. In the last days or weeks of the year many brands and dealers are “stretched” more than usual in discounts and promotions, making attractive offers. This has a clear explanation: to cover sales targets, with a boost in enrollment to close out the year.

Several of the brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles take advantage of the 2015 is coming to an end to make an interesting campaign, ‘Colour Days‘. Effect until the next December 20, you can buy a Fiat in stock at a very special price. In addition, the delivery will be almost immediate, since the only units available in dealer.


Although in principle all are advantages, there are also some other small drawback, and that is that you’ll have to limit yourself to one of the existing units in terms of engine, finish, optional equipment and color. Even so, the variety is wide enough, so that it is not difficult to find a car that fits within what you’re looking for.

By Fiat, bids reach up to 6,000 euros discount, and models include the Fiat 500, Fiat 500X, Fiat 500L, Fiat Panda and Fiat Punto. For example, a number of units of the 500 finished with Pop and the engine 1.2 69 HP, with prices located between 7.850, and the 7.980 euros, depending on the options built-in and exterior paint.

the Fiat 500X will find units from 12.320 € , with front-wheel drive, finish and Pop motor 1.6 E-Torq 110 HP. These cars are in promotion, as well as dealers in which you are located, you can locate on the web Fiat Factory.


it is Not convenient to forget Alfa Romeo: in this case, the promotion will extend throughout the month of December, until the end of the year. In your web Alfa Days are 150 units in stock the Alfa MiTo and Alfa Giulietta, with discounts that can reach up to € 10,000: for example, it offers a MiTo 1.4 70 CV 10.820 € , or a Giulietta 1.4 TB 105 HP in finishing Progression for 14.540 euro.

finally, Jeep will be another of the trademarks of FCA to adopt this promotion. The ‘Colour Days’ of the Jeep brand will include other 150 units in stock of all their models, and will be valid until the 31 of December. Among its offerings you can find a Renegade Sport diesel 120 HP by 18.360 euro, a Cherokee Limited diesel 140 CV 32.750 euro or a Grand Cherokee Limited diesel with 250 HP by 50.220 € .

The “news” Colour Days”: discounts on Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep to finish the 2015 was originally published in by Fran Lopez.