Come out to auction 50 vehicles seized, among them there is a spectacular BMW Z8

BMW Z8is Not the first time that we talk about the auction, organized by the Ministry to give out to the cars seized by the police. Until I offered a special where you could get to know all the details of this type of tenders. Between the that we analyzed, we could find a Porsche Cayenne with a price up to four times less than the figure the market, in addition to some BMW X5 or Mercedes C-Class with a price also eye-catching. Well, today I bring to you a auction 50 vehicles seized among whom is a lord BMW Z8.

And wins the title of “lord” so difficult to find one of these models of the German mark. As you know, the BMW Z8 it is also known for his role in one of the movies most famous spy in the world James Bond. Only manufactured 5.703 units, so that it has become a car very sought after in the second hand market. So much so that its price is around 200,000 euros. In this auction starts on 92.600 € , even knowing that it is not in the best conditions that we would wish. Received a frontal impact, and has several body damage in addition to the air bag deployed as a result of the crash.

BMW Z8Although the protagonist of the bid is the BMW Z8, we can not detract from other proper names that appear in the list. Called to the attention of a Mercedes C63 AMG which starts its price at € 24,000, or a Mercedes Sl 600 by 35.800 euros. Others like an Audi A8 will start at approximately 4,300 euros, being higher the price of another exotic model, the Triumph TR3, we found for 13.900€. The list also hides a Z more, the BMW Z4 of 2003, which starts the bid at 8,500 euros.

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality organized this auction. In total, there are 50 seized vehicles which are to be found, and can see this half-hundred of lots in this link. The 7 July will take place in Madrid this tender, in which not only there will be cars, will also be available on motorcycles, vans and even trucks.

Source – Forocoches