Comes the automatic change to the Ford Focus ST diesel

ford-focus-st-3The current is the first generation of the Ford Focus ST in a motorisation diesel. The compact sports Ford is marketed with a motor 2.0 EcoBoost 250 hp or a diesel engine 2.0 TDCi 185 horses power to make shadow to models like the Volkswagen Golf GTD or the Peugeot 308 GT. The market approves of these engines of diesel, and is that in the 10 months that the model is wearing in the market have already been sold to 10,000 Focus ST, a 46% of them with the diesel engine.

Ford is going to continue to foster the interest for the Ford Focus ST 2.0 TDCi with the incorporation of the automatic change of double clutch and six-speed PowerShift. Its more direct rivals offer automatic change. Already supported orders for the Ford Focus ST diesel auto, although deliveries will not begin until early 2016.

ford-focus-st-4By the time the automatic change PowerShift is only available for the diesel. With this transmission, the compact sports can improve their performance lowers the 0-100 km/h in 0.4 seconds, with a mark of 7.7 seconds. The average consumption approved figure in 4,6 litres per 100 kilometres, which represents an increase of 0.4 litres. Fortunately the CO2 emissions are 119 grams per kilometre, so that in Spain continues to be exempt from the Registration Tax and the option of automatic switching is not encourages in excess.

As is usual in the automatic gearbox PowerShift from Ford, the Focus ST diesel will have the ability to operate in automatic or manual mode using the paddles placed on the steering wheel. The shifter will also have the S position of Sport, which makes use of a program, more sports, which revolutionizes more the engine and always has a better power reserve and more agility.

Source – Ford

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