Comes the new book from Javier Costas: Quiet, that I control


Already available for sale in the best establishments.

Recently has been published the new literary work of our partner Javier Costas Franco. Under the title “Calm down, that I control – driving Manual for people of good” we find an entire compendium of teachings to be able to face the arduous task of driving our vehicles on a daily basis with security.

Far from being a simple compilation of topics and anecdotes on circulation and road safety, this work tries to show the reader to the endless and dangerous situations that can be found once you’re behind the wheel, as well as the best way to avoid such unforeseen circumstances.

we Can take it as a manual vital for all those, who at any time, need to get behind a steering wheel.

“You already know how to drive. Well, at least you have a card that you get credited for it, which, looked at closely, it may not be exactly the same, isn’t it?”. Javier Costas.

This work is not directed only to a mere novice drivers. Any person who, for whatever reason, have a steering wheel between your hands you should be aware that driving schools can’t teach the entirety of the case that is given on the road.

so that regardless of the experience that one has, it is very reasonable to know and to learn, not only what we can put you in danger, to ourselves or to our families, and especially how to solve it.

The new work by Javier Costas is a reading highly recommended and instructive. Written in the tone friendly and close, is now available for sale, both in a physical as well as online, in the main institutions of this country.

you Can download the first chapter here.

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