Comes to light the first mule 100% electric Jaguar J-Pace


this Is the first time that we see this SUV purely electric Jaguar

The fashion of the SUV has come to Jaguar. The Jaguar F-Pace is their first product, but will not be the last. In a time will leave the light a brother, almost a twin but smaller than. You will receive the name of Jaguar J-Pace which is already in testing phase, including the variant purely electrical that we see today for the first time.

engineers Jaguar already have started the development of this unit so efficient and ecological. Will be the first SUV of the british household of having such a propulsion system. A rising market where there were already models that are as important as the BMW X5 or the Mercedes GLE.

however, as you might have noticed that the prototype testing had an exhaust pipe, but know for certain that your system is fully electric. A game of control on the part of the heads of a Jaguar. We also know that later there will be a hybrid version.


The J-Pace will be the big brother of the F-Pace and will not make act of presence until within two years

The main theory is that this configuration includes a combination of a diesel engine and one electric for the old continent. However we can not forget that the Jaguar J-Pace will be global and that the hybrid variant for the rest of the markets will use a gasoline engine along with an electric.

The truth is that this is not the first time that they were speaking of the topic, because for a few months because we anticipate that Jaguar was working on the development of its first SUV 100% electric. However by that time it was thought that it would do so under the name E-Pace, but thanks to these images it is confirmed that it will be bigger.

Still we will soon see, because the testing period will be long and tedious. Jaguar is not a brand with a lot of experience in the electrical field, in addition to the configuration it is always difficult because of the convoluted layout of the system. Is expected to make act of presence to the end of next year or early 2018.


The exhaust pipes should not be confused, this unit is electric 100%