Commander Fernando Alonso, decorated from Italy

Medalla de Fernando Alonso

Capture the input of Instagram official Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso has posted on her Twitter and Instagram a picture of an award that has been received from Italy, it is a medal that honors as Commander (in Italian Comendatore) by the Order of the star of Italy. The Spanish rider is still very well loved in the alpine country that does not forget his time dressed in red, 5 years at Ferrari that he left the soul and that is why comes this appreciation.

The medal is accompanied by a document from the Italian government, specifically by the President of the Republic upon the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to recognize, their 11 victories, three second places of the world and, especially, 5 years of commitment and suffering when you see that from Maranello he was not given a car to compete with its rivals. Despite the fact that from the top of the Ferrari now you are ignored or attacked, is still having a lot of Italian people, both outside the team and inside, which is still remembered with affection by Ferdinand.

Montezemolo con AlonsoAll the pilots dream to go to Ferrari, Fernando Alonso once dreamed of to finally wanting to get the hell out of red on the who had gotten. The Ferrari of Alonso, very italianizada, didn’t have much to do with the power and the supremacy of economic, technical and political of the Ferrari of Schumacher. Now Fernando went to McLaren-Honda to lead the project in 2015 turned out to be a failure, hopefully this 2016 things will go better and the choice has been good.

The medal is a recognition of wide reputation within Italy, therefore it is a great gesture that comes from the country of the Mediterranean, from where it continues to receive many signs of affection. The own Fernando Alonso has shown to be grateful in their social networks, from where he has reported the event and has written “An honor to receive this award of ‘Comendatore’, of a country such as Italy that is always in my heart“.