Commercial vehicles Renault with a limited-slip differential X-Track

Gama Renault X-TrackNot in few occasions, the commercial vehicles are located with the need to ride on surfaces that are not in optimal conditions of adherence. To do this, Renault and division of commercial vehicles now offer improved capabilities in challenging conditions thanks to the system X-Track, which helps to improve the motor skills when the situation is complicated.

unlike the traction control system Extended Grip, which acts on the brakes to optimize traction, the X-Track uses a front differential limited slip that will prevent the loss of traction when the movement for land in a poor state is something usual. The use of a differential mechanical vehicles 4×2 is much more appropriate for the Extended Grip, which is more suitable for situations very punctual. This system will be offered in the Kangoo, Trafic and Master, that is to say, the entire commercial range of Renault.

Renault Trafic X-TrackThe system X-Track comes accompanied by other improvements, such as a suspension (30 mm higher for the Kangoo and Trafic or 40 mm further away from the ground to the Master. In all cases, the engine and transmission are protected by a engine protection plate metallic. In addition, the whole is accompanied by a few tires M+S which contribute to the improvement of motor skills in situations peliagudas. When there is loss of traction at one wheel, is able to stream up to 25% of the par to the wheel with the best traction you have.

The limited-slip differential located in the gearbox, replacing the original differential. These models will be available in the network Renault from September 2016 and are changed by the specialist Poclain Véhicules.

Source – Renault

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