Comparative analysis 2015/2016: Ferrari


The situation of Ferrari has become complicated after a 2015 in which they seemed to see glimpses of hope. James Allison, already settled in Ferrari and working at 100% in the car, got the rhythm of the evolution of the car remains constant, creating a good base on which to work towards 2016.

But, by the cruel twist that fate had prepared to Allison and her family, well because, simply, they did not make the work correct, what is certain is that the good feelings of the first few races have been diluted completely., human errors, malfunctions and, well, bad luck, shattered good results in the first races.

Then, out of the Grand Prix of Spain, the development of the car stalled and, together with the evolution of Renault who both helped Red Bull, the situation has been complicated more and more. Vettel ensures that Ferrari has a plan to come back in nine races remaining, but with the project of 2017 at risk by the departure of Allison, the doubts crop up in Maranello, regardless of the direction in which you look at it.

Scuderia Ferrari SF15-T (2015) SF16-H (2016)
technical Direction James Allison James Allison
Engineering Simone Resta Simone Resta
Aerodynamics Loïc Bigois Loïc Bigois
Motor Ferrari 059/4 Ferrari 059/5
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 2 (3) 0
Pole positions 0 (1) 0
quick Turns 2 (3) 1
Podiums 8 (16) 9
Points 236 (428) 242
Average points per race 23,60 (22,52) 20,16
Kilometres travelled 5.571 (10.608) 6.032
Miles led 610 (919) 335
average Position in ranking 5,75 (5,89) 4,87
average Position in the race 3,85 (4,06) 3,99
Dropouts 3 (7) 4

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already finished.

Many times the numbers tell only half the story, but in this case, accurately reflect the step back taken by Ferrari this year. With two wins in the first half of 2015, along with an average of points lower, almost half kilometres of led and a abandonment more, Ferrari has lost the pace of Red Bull and only the losing streak, Williams has allowed him to make up the numbers.

Sebastian Vettel has experienced several episodes of unlucky this year, among which stands out the double-tap that led to Daniil Kvyat in Russia.

In any case, we must also highlight the nine podiums achieved beyond the eight 2015 without a doubt, thanks in large part to the improvement shown by Kimi Räikkönen this year. This is also reflected in the best average position on the grid, very weak Kimi in 2015, while in regard to the race, it has slightly worsened.

Sebastian Vettel 2015 2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 2 (3) 0
Pole positions 0 (1) 0
quick Turns 0 (1) 0
Podiums 7 (13) 5
Points 160 (278) 120
Average points per race 16 (14,63) 10
Kilometres travelled 3.020 (5.683) 2.818
Miles led 557 (866) 306
average Position in ranking 4,50 (4,89) 4,17
average Position in the race 3,00 (3,33) 3,78
Dropouts 0 (2) 2

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already complete.

Sebastian Vettel is having problems to pay as usual for him, being even overtaken by Kimi Räikkönen more than normal. On the contrary, Kimi is giving the feeling of completing a season pretty decent, however, only two points separate both in the championship standings.

Vettel has this year with two podiums in two races, an average of points per race very bottom and, as a result of his two retirements, an average of 67 miles less per Grand Prix. This is reflected very clearly in their average position in the race, which has worsened a lot, while the ranking has improved.

In regards to Kimi, the way it is the reverse. Remarkable improvement in terms of podiums, points, miles, average position in the race and, above all, performance in classification. That is the key of the evolution of the Finnish this year, as to rank better, their good performance in the race looks more.

Kimi Räikkönen 2015 2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 0 (0) 0
Pole positions 0 (0) 0
quick Turns 2 (2) 1
Podiums 1 (3) 4
Points 76 (150) 122
Average points per race 7,6 (7,89) 10,16
Kilometres travelled 2.550 (4.925) 3.214
Miles led 52 (52) 30
average Position in ranking 7 (6,89) 5,58
average Position in the race 4,71 (4,79) 4,20
Dropouts 3 (5) 2

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already finished.

improvement of Kimi Räikkönen in ranking is noticeable, but insufficient to exceed the performance of Vettel, although the German is not at its best. The four-times World Champion improvement in something over a second time Kimi so far and also remains as a benchmark of Ferrari in the race, having finished only five races ahead of his teammate.

Comparison between pilotos 2015 2016
Classification (Vettel-Räikkönen) 9-1 (15-4) 8-4
full Advantage in classification (in seconds) +5.609 Vettel
(+10,301 Vettel)
+1.124 Vettel
Race (Vettel-Räikkönen) 5-2 (10-3)* 5-2**

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already finished.

* Vettel leaves in Mexico, Räikkönen in Austria, Hungary, the united States and Mexico.

** Vettel leaves in Russia and Austria, Räikkönen in Australia and Monaco.

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