Comparative analysis 2015/2016: Haas


The team Haas has made his debut this season in Formula 1 and has done so in a manner quite promising, especially taking into account that this is a team that started from scratch, the place of purchase the structure of an existing one.

Without a doubt, two of the keys to this success have been, on the one hand to have given shape to the project with time enough to be able to do things well and, on the other, have had the advice of Ferrari. Both formations have a close relationship that goes beyond the supply of the engine and the transfer of the pilot tests (Esteban Gutiérrez), from Maranello have been guided in many aspects of the process to Carl Haas and Guenther Steiner.

Haas, took advantage of the first races to get a background of points very considerable, even to get a fifth, a sixth and an eighth place in the first four appointments on the calendar. Once the rival teams settled, it was more complicated for the team to highlight, but the seventh place of Austria contributed to settle the eighth square of the constructors championship, that is not likely going to lose in the second half of the year.

Haas F1 VF-16
technical Direction Dave O’neill
Engineering Rob Taylor
Aerodynamics Ben Agathangelou
Motor Ferrari 059/5 2016
Large Premios 12
Victorias 0
Pole positions 0
Turns rápidas 0
Podios 0
Puntos 28
Average points per race 2,33
Kilometres travelled 6.438
Miles led 0
average Position in ranking 14,12
average Position in carrera 12,25
Abandonos 4

Romain Grosjean has been the benchmark sole and absolute until the moment, getting all the team’s points. The Bahrain Grand Prix was his point from the stellar season, giving the team a ninth square on the grid and a fifth place in race, which represent the best results of the short history of Haas in Formula 1.

But the season Grosjean not just that, because it has managed to play in three more times, while Esteban Gutierrez has alternated with several episodes of bad luck with actions rather discrete. His performance in qualifying has been pretty low-key, yielding almost three seconds in the accumulated times regarding his team-mate, although in the race has finished more times in front of his companion, on the contrary, when both of you have managed to see the checkered flag.

But none of those four occasions, I served the mexican to get points and, with his future at the team in doubt, the second half of the year should serve to Esteban to translate that good pace of career opportunities are exploited when the circumstances permit.

Haas F1 Romain Grosjean Esteban Gutierrez
Large Premios 12 12
Victorias 0 0
Pole positions 0 0
quick Turns 0 0
Podios 0 0
Puntos 28 0
Average points per race 2,33 0
Kilometres travelled 3.337 3.101
Miles led 0 0
average Position in clasificación 13,67 14,58
average Position in carrera 11,2 13,3
Abandonos 2 2
face-to-Face classification 8 4
full Advantage in classification (seconds) +2,879
face-to-Face in the race* 3 4

* Grosjean leaves in Spain and Great Britain, Gutiérrez in Australia and Bahrain.

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