Comparative analysis 2015/2016: Manor


Manor has reinvented itself in 2016 after a season in which he had participated in the championship at the last minute and with the single-seater 2014 conveniently modified to comply with the regulations.

The change of name, not of structure, has joined the clear step forward from having the Mercedes engine and a car designed exclusively for the present season. All this has resulted in a breakthrough dramatic performance, even to get a point in the Grand Prix of Austria, competing in addition to without complex against Renault and Sauber.

Manor Racing Marussia MR03B (2015) MRT05 (2016)
technical Direction John McQuilliam John McQuilliam
Ingeniería Luca Furbatto
Aerodinámica Nikolas Tombazis
Motor Ferrari 059/3 2014 Mercedes PU106C Hybrid2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 0 (0) 0
Pole positions 0 (0) 0
quick Turns 0 (0) 0
Podiums 0 (0) 0
Points 0 (0) 1
Average points per race 0 (0) 0,08
Kilometres travelled 4.552 (9.587) 6.091
Miles led 0 (0) 0
average Position in ranking 19,3 (19,07) 19,54
Average position in the race 15,62 (15,65) 17,01
Abandonos 3 (4) 5

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already complete.

The statistics for this season are not, apparently, much better than the 2015, but this year the difference has been on a reliability far superior and a performance that has enabled them to be hooked to the lower part of the grill and be able to compete against Renault and Sauber.

Manor Racing Rio Haryanto Pascal Wehrlein
Large Premios 12 12
Victorias 0 0
Pole positions 0 0
Turns rápidas 0 0
Podios 0 0
Puntos 0 1
Average points per race 0 0,08
Kilometres travelled 2.873 3.218
Miles led 0 0
average Position in clasificación 20,17 18,92
average Position in carrera 18,22 15,80
Abandonos 3 2
face-to-Face classification 5 7
full Advantage classification (segundos) +5,891
face-to-Face in the race* 0 7

* Wehrlein leaves in Europe and Great Britain, Haryanto in Australia, Russia, and Great Britain.

Pascal Wehrlein has been the reference for all of the team to the moment and we will see how it digests the German the arrival of Esteban Ocon, who will replace Rio Haryanto from now on.

Wehrlein has staged the improvement of the team, especially with his average position in the classification, and especially with his tenth place in the Grand Prix of Austria. While Haryanto has yielded better than expected, what is certain is that has not been enough to face up to his companion, which has expired with clarity in all areas.

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