Comparative analysis 2015/2016: Mercedes


Mercedes dominates a season the Formula 1, having yielded just one victory and a pole position in the year so far. The Grand Prix of Spain was the biggest fiasco so far, as both riders collided with each other in the first round, leaving and serving tray in a victory for the finally test winner: Max Verstappen. In the next Grand Prix, it was his teammate Daniel Ricciardo who got the best time in qualifying, thus closing the meagre list of ‘omissions’ on the part of the mark of the star.

Mercedes AMG F1 W06 (2015) W07 (2016)
technical Direction Paddy Lowe Paddy Lowe
Engineering Aldo Costa Aldo Costa
Aerodynamics Mike Elliot Mike Elliot
Motor Mercedes PU106A Hybrid 2015 Mercedes PU106B Hybrid 2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 8 (16) 11
Pole positions 10 (18) 11
quick Turns 6 (13) 7
Podiums 18 (32) 16
Points 383 (703) 415
Average points per race 38,30 (37) 34,58
Kilometres travelled 6.041 (11.128) 6.649
Miles led 2.293 (4.706) 2.898
average Position in ranking 1,60 (1,81) 3,08
Average position in the race 2,25 (2,39) 2,5
Dropouts 0 (3) 2

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already finished.

The Mercedes is showing this season a very similar performance to the 2015 or, even, superior. If W06 showed some weakness in conditions of extreme heat combined with high tyre degradation, this year has been shown to have markedly improved in that aspect.

But the competition has not slept and the remarkable rise of Red Bull has conditioned some of the statistics with regard to 2015, although the main cause of the computer has gotten less podium finishes, less points (keep in mind that this year they have played two more races) and worse average positions in qualifying and race, lies in the reliability and the incident between their drivers.

The episode lived in the Grand Prix of Spain led to a zero in the box from Mercedes for the first time since the united States Grand Prix 2012, unbalancing completely the comparison with respect to last year by posting two retirements. But all this does not hide the reality: that while Red Bull now is strong, Mercedes is still showing with clarity the title of best team of the Formula 1.

Nico Rosberg 2015 2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 3 (6) 5
Pole positions 1 (7) 5
quick Turns 2 (5) 5
Podiums 9 (15) 7
Points 181 (322) 198
Average points per race 18,1 (16,94) 16,5
Kilometres travelled 3.020 (5.494) 3.324
Miles led 653 (1.610) 1.516
average Position in ranking 2,10 (2,05) 2,73
average Position in the race 2,50 (3,06) 1,58
Dropouts 0 (2) 1

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already complete.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are raising their dispute for the championship at coltas until now never seen. The exceptional athletic rivalry that we have been witnessing since 2014, join this year several arguments inside and outside of the track, with the episodes of Montmel├│ and the Red Bull Ring as the tip of the spear.

Lewis Hamilton had to face several failures in classification at the beginning of the season, but has managed to recover and has shown -with the exception of Baku – consistency is already classic in him. despite the drawbacks, Hamilton has won a victory more than in 2015 for these dates (with two more runs already disputed) and leads the standings with a margin similar: two points less.

Lewis Hamilton 2015 2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 5 (10) 6
Pole positions 9 (11) 6
quick Turns 4 (8) 2
Podiums 9 (17) 9
Points 202 (381) 217
Average points per race 20,2 (20,05) 18,08
Kilometres travelled 3.020 (5.634) 3.324
Miles led 1.640 (3.096) 1.382
average Position in ranking 1,10 (1,58) 4,58
average Position in the race 2,00 (1,72) 2,27
Dropouts 0 (1) 1

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already finished.

Lewis Hamilton has shown to be faster than Nico Rosberg in qualifying, but the best performance from Nico Rosberg in this sense has reduced the overall benefit in almost a second and a half regarding 2015. That is left to see, both in the amount of time, as in the comparative face-to-face, in which both are tied when, in the past year, Hamilton slumbered beneath the earth with a 1-9 in your favor.

Nico Rosberg knew how to recover in the second half of last season and this year has managed to maintain that level, but it is still insufficient to beat a Lewis Hamilton continues to outperform the German in the race, in spite of having been more delayed in grill on the Big Prizes of China and Russia due to mechanical problems during the qualifying session.

Comparison between pilotos 2015 2016
Standings (Rosberg-Hamilton) 1-9 (7-12) 5-5*
full Advantage in classification (in seconds) +2.931 Hamilton
(+2,666 Hamilton)
+1.240 Hamilton
Race (Rosberg-Hamilton) 3-7 (6-10**) 5-6***

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already finished.

* Hamilton is not graded in China and Russia by failure.

** Rosberg leaves in Italy and Russia, Hamilton in Singapore.

*** Both abandon in Spain.

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