Comparative analysis 2015/2016: Renault


The comparison with the team Lotus, in this case, is fully valid, because the structure is, in essence, practically the same. But that hasn’t prevented Lotus/Renault is the team that has gotten worse this season compared to the previous.

it is Not surprising, however, because none of the changes has been a step forward. To the delayed purchase of the equipment of the French brand -that prevented from carrying out a single-seater minimally competitive-, joined by a couple of pilots inexperienced, and the change to a motor lower that, however, is not the worst of the set, much less.

Renault already knew that this year would be a transition, but do not expect it to be so hard, coming to be exceeded by Manor in some races. In any case, the team has already shown that he knows what that does in terms of motor and the glory of the past forces us to believe that this team can win again. In any case, it will take a few years to get it.

Renault F1 Lotus E23 (2015) RS16 (2016)
technical Direction , Nick Chester Nick Chester
Engineering Martin Tolliday Martin Tolliday
Motor Mercedes PU106B Hybrid 2015 Renault F1 Energy 2016
Great Prizes 10 (19) 12
Victories 0 (0) 0
Pole positions 0 (0) 0
quick Turns 0 (0) 0
Podiums 0 (0) 0
Points 35 (78) 6
Average points per race 3,5 (4,1) 0,5
Kilometres travelled 4.023 (8.011) 6.133
Miles led 0 (0) 0
average Position in ranking 9,8 (11,13) 17,7
average Position in the race 10,45 (9,26) 14,31
Dropouts 9 (16) 5

in parentheses the statistics of the season 2015 is already complete.

Kevin Magnussen has taken advantage of its greater experience -debuted in 2014 with McLaren – to bring Jolyon Palmer so incontestable. The pilot Danish has achieved all the points of the team, on the other hand, occurred in a single race: the Grand Prix of Russia.

in Addition, Magnussen has completed nearly 700 miles (about two Big Awards) in the twelve races held so far, having a better average position in qualifying and also in race. All is not lost for Jolyon Palmer, in any case. If the british improvement in the second half of the season, could finish the year ahead of his teammate and, perhaps, maintain its position as the face-to-2017, the season for which the team tries to hire a pilot prestige.

Renault F1 Kevin Magnussen Jolyon Palmer
Large Premios 12 12
Victorias 0 0
Pole positions 0 0
Turns rápidas 0 0
Podios 0 0
Puntos 6 0
Average points per race 0,5 0
Kilometres travelled 3.411 2.722
Miles led 0 0
average Position in clasificación 17,58 17,83
average Position in carrera 14 14,63
Abandonos 2 3
face-to-Face classification 7 5
full Advantage in classification (seconds) +1,665
face-to-Face in the race* 4 3

* Palmer is not involved in Bahrain, abandoned in Monaco, Canada and Great Britain. Magnussen leaves in Monaco and Great Britain.

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