Comparative: Comparative Mazda MX-5 2015 vs MX-5 2014


‘Long live the roadster’ or ‘long live the roadster’ is the war cry with which Mazda wants to regain the spirit that is slowly falling into oblivion in favor of passenger cars versatile, comfortable, and with a high degree of assistance to the driving.

In short, a bore in comparison with the new Mazda MX-5. A car as attractive as addictive. One of these ‘whims’ that needs to be done once in the life, because if you like the sensations at the wheel, believe me when I tell you that is difficult for with the same budget you can find something better.

‘Jinba-Ittai’ is an expression that tries to make us understand how one feels at the wheel of the roadster, and that is that archers Yabusame are specialists in a show specifically shooting arrows in motion. To do this, the rider and the horse must understand and be in perfect harmony.


And so understood in the country of the rising sun the Mazda MX-5; a car that does not lack anything more than curves and more curves because the vehicle and its driver are perfectly integrated, and it is understood practically as one. A roadster that debuts today, the fourth generation in a moment of rationality, efficiency and comfort (it is not the environment that is more receptive to a car that practically does not represent any of these values).

however, it premiered at a time fortunate for Mazda that with his new line of work, the introduction of the efficiency and the language of ‘Skyactiv’, is knowing how to adapt to the new times, and it is possible to update a car as emotional as iconic.

Personally, until I saw the deep work that Mazda was doing at the roots of the brand, I didn’t think in a new Mazda MX-5 and much less in the return of the rotary engine or as a concept. Do you remember what Zoom-Zoom? Well, it is time to think in KODO – Soul in motion. And with all the change that has, of course, it is expected that the differences between the third generation (NC) are raised with respect to the fourth (ND).


With the shift so radical that the japanese-brand has taken place, it is expected that the jump, generation of the Mazda MX-5 is the most bulky of those who has been so far. In addition, it was time to raise the car back, which as he was wearing a new generation, earning power, but also size and weight… and detractors, of course.

Was time to look to the first generation (NA) and take their attributes, look at the second generation (NB) and understand its virtues. To disassemble a NC and stay with the good, and put ideas together in order to ND out the roadster definitive. It is not the time to continue to grow, but to divide weights, to adapt ‘Skyactiv’ to the set and trace the silhouette most beautiful ever made for the Mazda MX-5; almost a Jaguar F-Type to scale the result of which is a weight lower than 1,000 pounds, and the size more content up to date.

In 2014 are you first saw the car live, but not before seeing camouflage on the Nürburgring, thousands of conjectures and without living theories. And even from that first moment until the arrival to the dealers, we had to wait one more year and we understand that the event is important because the third generation has been nothing less than ten years in the market. And it could not be an event of the first level without a volume production since 1989 amount to more than 950,000 units.


But we cannot understand evolution without putting to the side the new car a drive of the latest model, and we refer to Mazda MX-5 NC 1.8-126 HP with finish Style and color Crystal White Pearl, that in the successive deliveries is going to face the Mazda MX-5 ND 1.5 131 HP Luxury color Ceramic White. Don’t miss it!

Comparative Mazda MX-5 2015 vs MX-5 2014

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