Completes the production of the Volkswagen CC while we wait for the new model

Volkswagen CC 2018 - imagen filtrada

One of the leaked images of the new Volkswagen CC 2018.

Volkswagen has decided to put point and end to the production of the Volkswagen CC current while we await the launch of the new model that will produce the next year 2017. The new Volkswagen CC will come loaded with all kinds of new items. And although some of them (especially design) and we met a few months ago thanks to a series of leaks, the changes that occur may even affect your name.

So it is, still is not ruled out that in the new Volkswagen CC 2018 will adopt a new name. For now we have to keep waiting to get to know your business name short. With all the changes that will be introduced, it is expected that the new CC can be a turning point for the commercial history of this saloon and coupe. And is that the Volkswagen CC is the current one of the models sold less of Volkswagen.

Although its design does not present radical changes, the relevant evolution of its forms will make the new DC a model more elegant and dynamic. The influence by the Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE will be present in many of their external features. To this we must add the latest design guidelines that has followed Volkswagen into its latest models launched in the market.

Volkswagen CC 2018 - imagen filtrada

The new Volkswagen CC will debut at the Geneva motor show 2017.

new body will seek to bring a plus of practicality. It is expected that the new cabin is much more spacious, next to a sober atmosphere, elegant and with top quality materials, look for catch the attention of more drivers. It will take your base of the current Volkswagen Passat, so it will be mounted on the MQB platform. And the same thing will happen with your (mechanical, it will inherit the mechanics of the sedan German.

One of the major developments in this regard will be the introduction of a Volkswagen CC GTE. That is to say, a hybrid variant plug-in. The rest of the engine range will comprise options for both diesel and gasoline. Blocks more efficient and performance.

If Volkswagen has taken the decision to terminate since the production of the CC is due to that the new model is almost ready and do not take long to lazar, the new Volkswagen CC 2018. With this measure, the manufacturer avoids the encounter with an excess stock of the current model when the release of new. As we already anticipate in your day, the sunset over the new saloon-German line coupe will take place at the Geneva motor show 2017.