Completes the production of the Volkswagen Phaeton after 14 years

Volkswagen PhaetonThe berlin representation of the brand from Wolfsburg started their production in 2002. The model was born with aspirations of becoming the reference model of this segment compared to the options of BMW, Mercedes or Audi. Since then, the Volkswagen Phaeton has not ceased to occur. Until today. The German brand has announced that ends production of the Phaeton in its factory in Dresden, Germany. A news that went forward to the end of last year, and who have now made it official.

After 14 years, the last drive of the Volkswagen Phaeton has come out of this plant German with destination China. The same looks black in color and hides under the hood the V8-4.2-liter with 335 HP associated to an automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive 4Motion. In total have been manufactured 84.000 cars, a luxury saloon to say goodbye these days.

Volkswagen Phaeton fábricaThe plant of Dresden had 500 employees, of which 100 will remain in this factory, being the rest destined for other factories. Between 29 march and 8 April, these facilities remain closed, a few days that will be used by the company to work on the same floor. And it is that they want to turn it into a showcase to show their latest developments in electric mobility and digitization. According to Volkswagen, “visitors will be able to experience it from very close in a fun, interactive and informative the future of mobility”.

The next-generation Volkswagen Phaeton will be all-electric, a decision that was confirmed after the scandal of the dieselgate. it is not Yet known whether the plant in Dresden will produce vehicles, being able to get models from Audi, Bentley or Porsche.

Source – Porsche

Volkswagen Phaeton
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Volkswagen Phaeton fábrica

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Volkswagen Phaeton

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