Comunidacia: simplicity and ingenuity to the daily complications


Scientifically humans are rational animals. That reason is that which leads us to find greater facilities possible in all of our fields. Today we can count ourselves fortunate, because thanks to the new technologies we can forget about certain tasks and many others performed much more easily.

The most simple example of all of the above is the preparation of a trip: while before we had to estudiarnos the path with those huge maps are impossible to re-fold, and today we only care for the maintenance of our car and put gas thanks to the browsers. But the technology can go much further and to provide us with even more of our lives, as well as shows us Comunidacia. Whatyou Know how to get your child to eat all the food?

This online community, created by the car brand Dacia, is born for all those who avoid to the maximum complications , and prefer the practicality, the simplicity and ingenuity because, let’s face it, we all like that our day-to-day is easy. Open to the general public is able to fix difficulties day-to-day as, for example, to save driving or achieve that fit all the luggage in the trunk on your next trip with the family.

for All this, we explain it with short and witty videos of a few seconds of duration. In addition, will be able to get us a smile with every one of them. These videos, tricks and tips are added weekly to the platform, also incorporating many animations simple that will make us see how easy it is to change everything in a few seconds. Whatyou Know how to enjoy a good potato omelette?

The platform Comunidacia is open to the public and it is worth noting that a few weeks ago, has been deeply renewed with new design and better content to facilitate the life of users. In addition, registered users can be to benefit from special offers that will make life more simple because, who are interested in the complications? “So simple that everything changes”.

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