Configúrate your sled Mercedes, santa Claus is going with the star

Trineo MercedesI Know that you are a lover of the engine, so if by some chance you find yourself with santa Claus tonight, you’re going to ask you for your sled. Okay, has no motor, but does not excuse. You can already have a McLaren P1 that always he will be faster. But you do not need to go to supercars, as you can configurarte your own sled Mercedes. The Santa Class.

This detail of a Mercedes is the perfect excuse not to put on the table this evening. Oh how we love the settings! But if you’ve already exhausted the range Mercedes to the full, now you can configurarte a sled, I want elegant and sophisticated, more discreet or more sports. Yes, there is a sled AMG for you.

Trineo MercedesMercedes proposes to us three bodies for our sled, based on the well-known Silver Arrow competition, the G-Class, or the prototype autonomous F 015. The skis of the own sled are configurable, as well as the color. No one said that the sled of the santa Claus always out to be red.

But the most striking is the setting of “mechanics”. Rather, the animal traction. I’m not going to desvelarte too, but you can choose between a standard traction, the other hybrid or the full force of the AMG. In case outside little, the list of options adding to the possibilities of the configurator most christmas-y of the year. The penalty is that we do not put prices… what Would the Plan PIVE?

Source – Mercedes