Confirmed: as expected, the Koenigsegg regera be a super-

Koenigsegg returns us to provide a new advance before Geneva , where it is expected, remember, a Koenigsegg Agera RS well accompanied by a new supercar: the Koenigsegg regera . This new development is precisely on the latter, on the regera, confirming to what we expected: Koenigsegg regera be a super-


Through his official Instagram account Koenigsegg teaches an automated lid badge regera that leads to a outlet , making clear their status as Super Hybrid.

Previous rumors had already been charged with regera would point out that hybrid in fact already been given a figure of power vertigo is that according to EVO regera this new feature with an electric block 690 horses which together with the impeller V8 5 Twin-turbo 0.0 already known, developing 1,341 hp in its last evolution, could boost the regera up to horses 2000 .

A true hybrid madness that we will know soon, very soon, on the occasion of Geneva , bearing in mind that opening doors, the first day of release, is on 3rd and yes, there We’re here to tell you all the news live.

Source: Koenigsegg
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