Confirmed: in 2017 Mercedes will have a supercar… with the engine Formula 1!

In the last few months we have heard a multitude of rumors about the arrival of a supercar to the rows of Mercedes, a car located significantly above the Mercedes-AMG GT, a sort of Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, according to Mercedes. Now, this car might be already confirmed by a source within the team Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1.

Previous rumors had already mentioned a price of 3 million euros, a front axle electric, active aerodynamic, a train rear-directional…

The managers of echo of this confirmation are the uk partners of EVO and is that according to a member of the team of Formula 1 would have not only pointed to the coming of this new supercar, but also would have even spoken part of your fabric mechanical.

This sport would come to be animated by the engine V6 turbo 1.6-litre that employs the single-seater Hamilton and Rosberg and would go beyond the 1.000 horses.

Obviously, Mercedes is facing the challenge to sweeten the response of the engine to adapt it to use on the street, as well as shape the rest of the components that will accompany this exceptional mechanical (transmission…). And no, you won’t miss a system hybrid accompanying this propellant.

there are Still many questions to find out about the super sports car from Mercedes but it seems that next year we will leave doubts and it is that Mercedes might be willing to give us this car with the occasion of the 50th anniversary of AMG.