Confirmed! N, the sports division of Hyundai, will have a model “street” in the Frankfurt

Good news! While still remaining a couple of weeks to start a new edition of Frankfurt Hyundai warns that will be present with its sports division, with “N” , to present one new sports model .

Albert Biermann is at the forefront of developing the most sporting … Hyundai and comes from BMW M .

So far Hyundai has not given details of this great sport model. It has not indicated what will be the model that carries a starting point, and, of course, any specification indicating yes to N build on the progress of the brand in the WRC , the World Rally Championship, for you translate this knowledge gained from the streets.

According to the latest rumors about talking about the Hyundai i20 will be responsible for brand new division, this sub, talking even in the presence of a 1.6 Turbo that could reach a considerable number power 250 horses , a figure that would place it among the most powerful utility.

In addition to this new sports we will run in Frankfurt with a new conceptual model that will be donated directly to our consoles a Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo that good insurance shows a spectacular view of the sporting future through the prism of the Korean brand.

There will be an umpire. Under the name of Hyundai RM15 Concept we will find a Hyundai Veloster seater, lightweight, rear-drive, mid-engine and an output of 300 horses . The pity is that, as its name suggests, is a conceptual model.

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