Confirmed: the BMW i8 Roadster will land in 2018

prototipo BMW i8 spyderIn BMW many had the dream of launching a BMW i8 with the sky for roof. It seemed that that day was never going to arrive, and it is that, even though it was shown as a prototype for about four years now, the delays and the few information we did think that eventually BMW would not dare to sell it. However, the news that a good part of the customers waiting will just make it official: the BMW i8 Roadster will be available in 2018.

let’s Hope that during this long period of time that we have had in expected, have seized and developed in the best way possible the variant convertible’s sporty hybrid German. The CEO of the brand, Harald Krueger, stated that the i8 Roadster will join the rest of the range in 2018. In this way, it is possible that next year, during the last months of 2017, to be presented in an official manner.

prototipo BMW i8 spyderThe CEO refused to provide any details on the i8 Roadster, although it seems to be that will improve the performance of the current BMW i8 thanks to new batteries of greater capacity and an electric motor of higher performance than the current model with the body closed. For its part, it is expected that approximately when you land the BMW i8 Roadster, brother coupe suffers an update to match the performance and capabilities in terms of performance and battery life of one and the other variant.

it Is rumored that the power of the BMW i8 updated and the i8 Roadster will reach, after the update that we are waiting for, 400 hp. This improvement in power will increase the dynamic possibilities of the range BMW i8, but it will remain a sports car and hybrid technology, and not a hiperdeportivo the likes of the Porsche 918 Snyder or the Ferrari LaFerrari, for example. In any case, BMW has not wanted to enter, for the moment, in this war of the very high performance and hybrid propulsion.

Source – Automotive News