Confirmed the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider for 2017 ¡150 units!


The LaFerrari Spider now has official confirmation

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will arrive officially in 2017. How to improve the driving experience in a hiperdeportivo Italian as spectacular and unique as it is the Ferrari LaFerrari? Thus allowing that you can driving without a roof.

The confirmation comes along with another figure that also has a lot of importance, the Spider will be a limited edition 150 units. A number far lower than initial 499 units of the LaFerrari Coupe, which by the way all have an owner assigned, which makes the version of a convertible roof is even more exclusively if it should be.

we do Not know which will be the form of descapotar to the vehicle although we aim for a system as simple as possible, a roof of canvas or rigid detachable type targa. On the other hand you could equip an electric roof, as in the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider, but in that case the engineers will have to fight for the system, and their engines have no influence on the weight.


The propulsion system of the Ferrari LaFerrari is directly related to the F1

the body of The sports will be conveniently modified in order to respect all possible benefits of the fast-paced coupé, with nearly 1,000 horsepower as well as the stiffness. I may even modify the system to open the doors. The employment of the carbon fiber in the new parts can be essential to contain the weight of the Spider.

No changes are expected with respect to its mechanical hybrid. Will mounting the combustion engine V12 6.3-liter in a central position back that develops by itself 800 CV to 9,000 rpm and 700 Nm to 6,750 rpm. The block petrol is combined with a unit KERS that develops 163 HP and 270 Nm. When both work together they produce 963 CV. In the coupé reaches the 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, 200 km/h in less than 7 and the 300 km/h 15.

The price of the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will be significantly higher than the coupe’s, whose label set 1.3 million euros.