Confirmed: the Jaguar XF L long wheelbase to debut at the Salon of Beijing 2017


Jaguar XF L 2017, more distance between the axles only to China

Jaguar XF L 2017 will debut in society in a little more than a week, on the occasion of the Hall of Beijing. It is confirmed official that we will see a Jaguar XF long wheelbase, something that you anticipated it has been several months through our spy photos of the Jaguar XF L 2017.

sedans of four doors with a wheelbase extended are a success in China, within the brands premium. Manufacturers, germans like Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW are already offering there versions long of their A6, E-Class or 5-Series, respectively, and Jaguar will be the next one to do the same.


Jaguar XF L 2017 at the Nürburgring, in these spy photos

In fact, the Jaguar XF L will the first model of the british brand that is manufactured in China. Will be produced at the plant in Changshu through a joint venture is made by the local manufacturer Chery and the own Jaguar Land Rover: in that same location since they are manufactured from a couple of years ago the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque that is sold in the country.

The Jaguar XF L will be model exclusive to China, and will not come out of its borders: not strange, therefore, its presentation in the Hall of Beijing in 2017, an appointment to be increasingly important also to the european automobile manufacturers.

This elongated version of the Jaguar XF will increase your wheelbase at about fifteen inches, providing a greater longitudinal gap to accommodate the legs in their rear seats. Its total length will exceed five meters, and will be on sale in China in the coming months: the 25th of April will have its official presentation, and it will be then when we can tell you all of their details.