Confirmed: the new Audi A8 will arrive in 2017, do you have any reasons to worry at BMW and Mercedes?

The new flagship from Audi is on the way. A new generation of the Audi A8, the alternative of Audi to the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, which already has a confirmed arrival date. What we will see, will be with us, in 2017 and we already have some first clues about this new generation.

During the celebration of the General Meeting the German brand has not only confirmed the arrival of this new Audi A8 over the next year, but it has also been pointed already to this model will be the first car brand to offer certain driving functions autonomous.

let us Remember that this new generation would be articulated around the platform MLB, a structure on which to give way also to the next Porsche Panamera, or the upcoming Bentley Continental GT.

The new Audi Q7 already we have taught some of the technical innovations of this new Audi A8, although we expect to have a good list of what’s new to do in front of technologies such as the remote control system by gestures of the BMW 7-Series or the advanced suspension of the Mercedes s Class.

What will come in this new Audi A8? We will have to wait for the next year, 2017, to find out.