Confirmed: the new Porsche for purists, the Porsche 911 R, will be in Geneva

Knew, or better said, we knew instinctively, that Porsche was preparing an alternative sports focused on the customers most purists, the most petrolheads, an alternative that call, at least for now, Porsche 911 R has been confirmed for the next Geneva. Best weight and aerodynamics, a number of power half way between the alternatives more “worldly” and the GT3, changes on your part cycle… a little over a month separates us.

Say in Motoring that its production will be limited… and there is even talk already of only 600 units.

In a conversation with Motoring August Achleitner, responsible of product of the Porsche 911, he mentioned, after being asked by the Porsche 911 R, go to Geneva to find out, that for now this is all I could talk about.

Yes, there are more details with the official, no further summary statements on which we find ourselves, but there is a good bunch of rumors about it.

These rumors previous to us had pointed to the presence of the block a maximum power of 6 cylinders and 3.8 liters employed by the Porsche 911 GT3, although decaffeinated for the occasion, reminding us about 450 horses.

Despite using the block of the GT3-R will associate to a manual transmission, but no, it will not be the gearbox of 7 speeds that uses the Porsche 911 as “normal”, it will be a transmission of 6 relations.

Will feature a series of added aerodynamic, new bumpers, splitters… but it seems there will be a large spoiler on its rear, who knows if perhaps a spoiler type ducktail.

he has been seen to have the 20-inch wheels monotuerca of the 911 GT3, also with brake carbocerámicos and we think that will be a revised version of its suspension, perhaps even inheriting, as does the Cayman GT4, the train of shooting of the GT3.

At the beginning of march we will leave doubts, for now we are left with the confirmation of August Achleitner. Hopefully that will meet the forecasts, from then paints really well what is said for now on this Porsche 911 R.